A distributed relational database management system

YugabyteDB is a distributed relational database management system based on an enhanced fork of the RocksDB key-value store. It provides access via three sets of APIs:

  • YCQL: compatbile with Apache Cassandra Query Language (CQL)
  • YEDIS: compatible with REDIS
  • YSQL: compatible with PostgreSQL

YugabyteDB was first publicly released in 2018.

PostgreSQL compatibility

In YugabyteDB, PostgreSQL acts as a frontend to YugabyteDB, with a subset of the features available in PostgreSQL 11. No data is stored by PostgreSQL itself; this includes catalogue tables, which are stored within Yugabyte itself (cf. commit ca30a3ab).

YugabyteDB initially contained PostgreSQL 10.4 source code as of core commit ab5e9caa, which was imported in May 2018 (commit 984667e9, branch src/postgres).

See also Yugabyte Structured Query Language (YSQL).

Release history

This is an overview of siginificant point releases. For a full list of releases, see the YugabtyeDB GitHub release page.