A file determining whether a node starts up as a standby

standby.signal is an optional data directory file determining whether the node starts up as a standby.

standby.signal was added in PostgreSQL 12, replacing the replication configuration parameter standby_mode.


If the file standby.signal is present in the data directory, the server will start in standby mode and enter recovery.

The standby.signal can be empty, or contain arbitrary data (for example, a replication management tool could write information noting details about when/how the standby was created).

Note that if standby.signal is present, but neither primary_conninfo nor restore_command are specified, the server will start up in recovery and wait for WAL files to be placed in the pg_wal directory by an external process:

[2021-05-12 08:36:12 UTC]    WARNING:  01000: specified neither primary_conninfo nor restore_command
[2021-05-12 08:36:12 UTC]    HINT:  The database server will regularly poll the pg_wal subdirectory to check for files placed there.

If both standby.signal and recovery.signal are present in the data directory, standby.signal takes precedence. This situation is not logged.

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