A system parameter determining whether to send SIGABRT to child processes
This entry relates to a PostgreSQL feature which is part of PostgreSQL 16, due to be released in late 2023.

send_abort_for_kill is a configuration parameter determining, following a backend crash, whether to send SIGABRT to child processes in place of the usual SIGKILL.

send_abort_for_kill was added in PostgreSQL 16.

Default value

The default value for send_abort_for_kill is: off.


In normal operation, following a backend crash the postmaster sends SIGQUIT to child processes, intended to cause them to exit reasonably gracefully, and if after 5 second the process is still running, sends SIGKILL.

If send_abort_for_kill is set to "on", SIGABRT will be sent instead, which, if the local system is configured to do so, will result in core dumps being generated for all child processes terminated with SIGKILL.

This option is intended for development purposes and should not be enabled in production.

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