A PHP web application for accessing and administering PostgreSQL installations

phpPgAdmin (sometimes abbreviated to PPA or ppa) is a web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL programmed in PHP and JavaScript. It provides facilities for data manipulation as well as tools for administering multiple servers.

Originally a created as a fork of phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin was rewritten from the ground up in 2002 with version 3 to support new features being added to PostgreSQL such as schemas. There was a hiatus in development between 2013 and 2018, but active development has since resumed.

phpPgAdmin v5.04

Screenshot of phpPgAdmin (from January 2013)

phpPgAdmin provides a plugin architecture with which plugins to support additional functionality can be added by third-party developers.

Release history

This is a summary of recent major point releases; for a full and detailed list of releases, see the phpPgAdmin release page.

Note that beginning with 7.12.0, the versioning will indicate the supported PHP version (here: PHP 7) and the most recent PostgreSQL version supported (here: 12).


Client application, Management / adminstration