A former community-supported hosting provider for PostgreSQL-related projects
This entry relates to a PostgreSQL feature, application/utility, website or other subject which is no longer available/maintained.

pgFoundry was a community-supported website ( providing development / hosting support for PostgreSQL-related products, similar in concept to SourceFourge or GitHub. Support included access to a source control management system, web hosting, bug/issue tracking, mailing lists, anonymous FTP and mirrored download support. pgFoundry's primary purpose was to foster development of any projects related to PostgreSQL; in contrast PGXN exists to support the distribution of PostgreSQL extensions.

Note that pgFoundry only supported CVS[1].
The website - screenshot taken on 2013-03-04

pgFoundry was launched in May 2004 [2] and was powered by the FusionForge application.

As of 2020, the domain has been taken over by a commercial operation entirely unrelated to PostgreSQL.


Files from the pgFoundry project are archived on the main PostgreSQL website at

An archived copy of the website is available via pgFoundry.


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