pgAdmin III

A GUI-based query and administration tool for PostgreSQL
This entry relates to a PostgreSQL feature which is deprecated and may be desupported in future releases.

pgAdmin III is a GUI-based query and administration tool for PostgreSQL. Until the introduction of pgAdmin 4 it was the defacto official GUI client of the PostgreSQL project, and its development closely tracked new PostgreSQL releases. pgAdmin III is provided under the PostgreSQL License.

pgAdmin III is no longer actively developed and has been superseded by pgAdmin 4.

An inofficial fork with code changes providing PostgreSQL 12 support is available at

pgAdmin III is written in C++ and is based on the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI framework, making it easy to port to a variety of operating systems. Windows and OS X versions are provided as downloads from the pgAdmin website. For Linux and other UNIX-like systems, it is provided as an optional package by most distributions, while up-to-date versions can be obtained via third-party repositories.

pgAdmin III

pgAdmin III is the successor to the original pgAdmin released in 1998 (originally under the name "pgManager") as a Windows-only application written in Visual Basic, and the revised pgAdmin II, released in January 2002. pgAdmin III was released in 2003 as a cross-platform rewrite.

pgAdmin III can make use of the optional contrib module "adminpack" to provide additional functionality such as information about database files and direct editing of configuration files.

The pgAdmin project also maintains the pgAgent job scheduler.


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