A Tcl/Tk-based graphical client for PostgreSQL
This entry relates to a PostgreSQL feature, application/utility, website or other subject which is no longer available/maintained.

PgAccess is a compact albeit obsolete Tcl/Tk-based graphical client for PostgreSQL, simliar in general concept to pgAdmin.

It is evidently no longer under active development (the most recent version number indicates it was released in 2004), though the associated SourceForge page was last updated in 2016.

PgAccess -
PgAdmin "about" popup

Nevertheless PgAccess does seem to function even with relatively recent PostgreSQL 9.x versions (tested with PostgreSQL 9.2), however users should be aware it silently installs several tables beginning with "pga_" into each database it connects to.

PgAccess screenshot


Client application, Obsolete

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