A system function listing the OIDs of databases which have objects contained in the specified tablespace

pg_tablespace_databases() is a system function listing the OIDs of databases which have objects contained in the specified tablespace.

pg_tablespace_databases() was added in PostgreSQL 8.0.


pg_tablespace_databases() must be provided with the OID of the tablespace to query (note there is currently no regtablespace OID type) and returns a list of database OIDs, which can be joined against pg_database to obtain the database name. See below for example.

Currently pg_tablespace_databases() is not used by PostgreSQL itself or any of its client utilities.

pg_tablespace_databases() is useful when preparing to remove a tablespace (using DROP TABLESPACE), as that command can only be executed when the tablespace does not contain any objects from any database.

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List all databases with objects in tblspace_1:

postgres=# SELECT d.datname
  FROM pg_database d,
    SELECT pg_tablespace_databases(oid) AS datoid
      FROM pg_tablespace t
     WHERE t.spcname='tblspace_1'
  ) t
WHERE t.datoid = d.oid;
(2 rows)

List all tablespaces and show which databases have objects in them:

postgres=# SELECT t.spcname AS "Tablespace",
                           SELECT datname
                             FROM pg_database
                            WHERE oid IN ( SELECT pg_tablespace_databases(t.oid) AS datoid )
                        ORDER BY 1
                  ) AS "Database(s)"
             FROM pg_tablespace t
            WHERE t.spcname != 'pg_global'
         ORDER BY 1;
 Tablespace |             Database(s)             
 pg_default | postgres,testdb,template0,template1
 tblspace_1 | postgres,testdb
 tblspace_2 | 
(3 rows)

Note: pg_global is omitted as by definition it cannot contain database data, and including it would result in the following warning being emitted:

WARNING:  global tablespace never has databases


System function, Tablespaces

See also

tablespace, pg_tablespace_size(), pg_tablespace_location()