A function providing information about files in replication slot directories

pg_ls_replslotdir() is a system function providing information about files in a specific replication slot directory.

pg_ls_replslotdir() was added in PostgreSQL 15.


pg_ls_replslotdir ( slot_name text ) 
        → setof record ( name text, size bigint, modification timestamp with time zone )

pg_ls_replslotdir() returns a list of all normal files in the replication slot directory specified by the slot_name parameter.

Note that the rows are not returned in any particular order, so it may be useful to add an explicit sort criteria.

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Basic usage example for pg_ls_replslotdir():

postgres=# SELECT * FROM pg_ls_replslotdir('node2');
 name  | size |      modification      
 state |  200 | 2021-11-24 06:13:08+01
(1 row)

Attempting to query a non-existent replication slot:

postgres=# SELECT * FROM pg_ls_replslotdir('node1');
ERROR:  replication slot "node1" does not exist


Data directory, File access and manipulation, Replication, Replication slots, System function

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