A function for duplicating a logical replication slot

pg_copy_logical_replication_slot() is a system function for copying an existing logical replication slot.

pg_copy_logical_replication_slot() was added in PostgreSQL 12.


pg_copy_logical_replication_slot ( src_slot_name name, dst_slot_name name [, temporary boolean [, plugin name ]] ) →
        record ( slot_name name, lsn pg_lsn )

The copied logical slot starts from the same LSN as the source logical slot. If omitted, the temporary and plugin parameters are copied from the source slot.

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Basic usage example for :

postgres=# SELECT * FROM pg_create_logical_replication_slot('test_slot_1', 'test_decoding');
  slot_name  |    lsn    
 test_slot_1 | 0/14A6458
(1 row)

postgres=# SELECT * FROM pg_copy_logical_replication_slot('test_slot_1', 'test_slot_2');
  slot_name  |    lsn    
 test_slot_2 | 0/14A6458
(1 row)

Attempting to copy a logical replication slot when the destination slot already exists:

postgres=# SELECT * FROM pg_copy_logical_replication_slot('test_slot_1', 'test_slot_2');
ERROR:  replication slot "test_slot_2" already exists

Attempting to copy a non-existent logical replication slot:

postgres=# SELECT * FROM pg_copy_logical_replication_slot('test_slot_99', 'test_slot_3');
ERROR:  replication slot "test_slot_99" does not exist


Logical replication, Replication, Replication slots, System function

See also

pg_create_logical_replication_slot(), pg_drop_replication_slot(), pg_copy_physical_replication_slot()