A function returning the actual version of the collation object

pg_collation_actual_version() is a system function returning the actual version of the collation object as currently installed in the operating system.

pg_collation_actual_version() was added in PostgreSQL 10.


pg_collation_actual_version ( oid ) → text

If the version returned by this function is different from the value in the collversion column in pg_collation, then objects depending on the collation might need to be rebuilt using ALTER COLLATION ... REFRESH VERSION.

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Usage example for pg_collation_actual_version():

postgres=# CREATE TABLE foo (id INT NOT NULL, val TEXT COLLATE "de_DE.utf8");

postgres=# SELECT pg_describe_object(refclassid, refobjid, refobjsubid) AS "Collation",
                  pg_describe_object(classid, objid, objsubid) AS "Object",
pg_collation_actual_version(c.oid) FROM pg_depend d JOIN pg_collation c ON (refclassid = 'pg_collation'::regclass AND refobjid = c.oid) ORDER BY 1, 2; Collation | Object | collversion | pg_collation_actual_version ------------------------+-------------------------+-------------+----------------------------- collation "de_DE.utf8" | column val of table foo | 2.28 | 2.28


Collation, Locale and character set handling, System function

See also

pg_database_collation_actual_version(), pg_import_system_collations(), ALTER COLLATION