A system parameter for testing logical replication
This entry relates to a PostgreSQL feature which is part of PostgreSQL 16, due to be released in late 2023.

logical_decoding_mode is a development configuration parameter determining whether to serialize or stream changes immediately in logical decoding.

logical_decoding_mode was added in PostgreSQL 16.

Default value

The default value for logical_decoding_mode is: buffered.


Possible values for logical_decoding_mode are:

  • buffered
  • immediate

If set to immediate, each change is serialized or streamed (depending on whether the subscription's streaming option is set) immediately, rather than performing the action when buffered changes reach or exceed logical_decoding_work_mem.

logical_decoding_mode is intended for testinng logical decoding and should not be used on production instances.

Change history


Development/testing, GUC configuration item, Logical replication

See also

logical_decoding_work_mem, CREATE SUBSCRIPTION