A server parameter determining the time zone for log timestamps

log_timezone is a configuration parameter determining the time zone used for timestamps written in the PostgreSQL log.

log_timezone was added in PostgreSQL 8.3.


The time zone is displayed in the server log as the corresponding time zone abbreviation, e.g. for Europe/Berlin, CEST will be displayed. See pg_timezone_names for the list of time zone to abbreviation mappings. However it is not possible to specifiy the time zone abbreviation directly.

Default value

The default value for log_timezone is: GMT.

Note that the value for log_timezone is explicitly set to reflect the local server timezone in the postgresql.conf file generated by initdb.

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log_timezone is usually set by initdb to the server time zone:

$ initdb -D /var/lib/pgsql/data
selecting default time zone ... Europe/Berlin

$ grep log_timezone /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf
log_timezone = 'Europe/Berlin'

Sample log output with log_timezone set to Europe/Berlin:

[2022-08-15 03:05:32 CEST] psql postgres postgres LOG:  00000: statement: SELECT 1;

It is not possible to specify a time zone abbreviation for log_timezone:

postgres=# ALTER SYSTEM SET log_timezone = 'CEST';
ERROR:  invalid value for parameter "log_timezone": "CEST"


Date and time, GUC configuration item, Logging

See also

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