A parameter determining whether JIT may be used

jit is a configuration parameter determining whether JIT ("Just In Time") compilation may be used, if available.

jit was added in PostgreSQL 11.

Default value

In PostgreSQL 12 and later, default value for jit is: on.

In PostgreSQL 11, jit was set to off via commit 0fdadfb0.

Note that jit being set to on does not necessarily mean JIT is available; this can be confirmed via the function pg_jit_available().

Change history


Basic usage example for jit:

postgres=# SHOW jit;
(1 row)

This does not necessarily mean JIT is available:

postgres=# SELECT current_setting('jit'), pg_jit_available();
 current_setting | pg_jit_available
 on              | f
(1 row)
  • PostgreSQL documentation: jit


GUC configuration item, JIT

See also

pg_jit_available(), jit_provider