DocBook XML

An XML-based document type for creating documentation

DocBook XML is an XML-based document type for creating documentation.

DocBook and PostgreSQL

Since version 6.3 (commit c8cfb0ce), PostgreSQL has provided documentation in DocBook format. For many years this was maintained in SGML format, but was converted to XML in PostgreSQL 11 (commit 3c49c6fa), although file names retained the .sgml extension for continuity reasons. This change greatly simplified the documentation build process.

Source code

The documentation source files are contained within the doc/src/sgml/ directory.

Building the documentation

Provided the required tool chain is installed, building the HTML documention in a configured source tree is simply a matter of executing make in the doc/ directory. On a reasonably equipped machine, it should take less than a minute to build the HTML files.

To generate the documentation as a PDF file, from the doc/src/sgml/ directory  execute one of:

make postgres-A4.pdf

or for the non-standard US letter format:

make postgres-US.pdf