An SQL command for creating a foreign server

CREATE SERVER is a DDL command for creating a foreign server, which defines an external data source accesse via a foreign data wrapper (FDW).

CREATE SERVER was added in PostgreSQL 8.4.


CREATE SERVER is usually used in conjunction with CREATE EXTENSION and CREATE USER MAPPING to set up a foreign server.

The OPTIONS clause is for providing parameters defined by the respective foreign data wrapper. These typically include connection parameters and configuration settings.

psql commands

  • \des lists available foreign servers
  • \des+  displays additional details such as access privileges and values provided with the OPTIONS clause.

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Create a foreign server as a loopback to the local node:

postgres=# CREATE EXTENSION postgres_fdw;

postgres=# CREATE SERVER pg_fdw_test
             FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER postgres_fdw
             OPTIONS (
               host 'localhost',
               dbname 'postgres'

postgres=# \des
            List of foreign servers
    Name     |  Owner   | Foreign-data wrapper 
 pg_fdw_test | postgres | postgres_fdw
(1 row)

postgres=# \des+
List of foreign servers
-[ RECORD 1 ]--------+--------------------------------------
Name                 | pg_fdw_test
Owner                | postgres
Foreign-data wrapper | postgres_fdw
Access privileges    | 
Type                 | 
Version              | 
FDW options          | (host 'localhost', dbname 'postgres')
Description          | 


DDL, Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW), SQL command

See also

ALTER SERVER, DROP SERVER, foreign server, pg_foreign_server