This website aims to complement the excellent PostgreSQL documentation by:

  • providing a "historical" perspective, including details of changes to features over time
  • providing "at-a-glance" examples
  • providing context for developers, including references to relevant commits and mailing list threads
  • providing information about projects related to PostgreSQL which are not covered by the documentation
  • providing links to third-party blogs and other informative websites

This website is work-in-progress. It does not claim to be exhaustive, authoritative, up-to-date or free of errors. It is not in any way associated with the core PostgreSQL project and is merely a private effort by an undisclosed number of individuals.

Constructive feedback (including corrections, suggestions and requests) is highly welcome. Please bear in mind this is not a support website and we may not be able to respond to any submissions quickly.

"Powered by PostgreSQL"

This website runs on a custom platform which has been continuously developed - using PostgreSQL as the underlying database - since 2003.